What is it?

Click2Order enables you to order any quantity of YOUR personalised badges, business cards and company stationery online.


  • Maintain global brand consistency throughout all your staff name badges – wherever they are in the world
  • Order company approve products online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Increase efficiency and significantly reduce costs to your business
  • Reduce paperwork, processes and errors
  • Delivery direct to the end user


  • User-friendly, intuitive step-by-step process
  • Management approval processes available – providing total visibility and control
  • Management reporting
  • Full order history
  • Data can be made mandatory (e.g. capture of cost centre, PO reference etc)
  • Quickly re-order from full order history
  • Ordering site can be branded with your logo and layout
  • Pre-designed badges available for existing, new starters or temporary staff
  • Multi-lingual platform
  • Caters for any font and design including international characters and accents

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How it works

  1. Contact our Sales Team to create your dedicated company portal
  2. Login to your dedicated company portal via unique user ID
  3. Select your company approved product template
  4. Enter or upload personalisation
  5. View a PDF proof prior to approval
  6. Select or enter delivery information
  7. Confirm your order

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